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Through The Eyes Of A Stranger

You patiently wait for the sounds faintly heard in the distance to become tangible. You aren't disappointed. Out of nowhere, beyond anywhere, the lonely sounds of labored footsteps in snow grow louder as swirling winds howl across the tundra now between your ears. A stranger is approaching, but something is wrong. Impossibly out of order. Crickets! Chirping, singing busy cricket songs accompany toiled panting as a solitary, silent phantom draws nearer in the cold outdoors. How can that be? You wonder, is it a man or woman? There is a cadence to it all, or is that your own breathing mimicking what you hear?

Breathlessly passing you by, the stranger disappears, fading away off to your right, leaving you momentarily confused as to time and place, but not for long. From behind you then, the footsteps return and quickly overtake you. In suspense, you ask many questions, and you want to turn around to see just who is wandering through your mind. The stranger's identity is just as curious to you as where you are, where they have come from, and where it all will take you. Hold on tightly to your mind, you tell yourself. As you will later discover, it's January...and you'll eventually find out. As you are swept up into the rhythms that soon surprise you, you realize that YOU are the stranger, that there are eleven months....and as many songs left to live....through your eyes.

Chris Lugar's first published musical project is a collection of progressive rock songs written and performed by the virtuoso band Modiolus Opera & Die. A fusion of analog and digitally produced sounds defying description that really must be heard to be fully appreciated, "Through The Eyes Of A Stranger" takes the listener through a range-roving tour of aural imagery in each of the twelve songs that you cannot help but experience as if you are there, in the midst of the minstrels, performing them yourself. By the last song, a journey has definitely been taken, but you won't end up where you started. Instead, you will want to listen again just to see if you can believe your ears. Listen again because you will not have heard everything the first time. Listen again and again because you will be caught up in the beats, the words, the rhymes and the stories that the stranger will coax you to see through very different eyes. Some will make you laugh, others may not please you, even offend or frighten. In the whirlwind, in the aftermath, you will be affected by this music...and you will understand that not only is there something, some part of some song somewhere there for you to keep. It is about you. The lasting impression gained will be that you have, indeed, visited places and experienced perspectives "Through The Eyes Of A Stranger."

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